Monday, May 16, 2016

Running week 2; epiphany

Where do your eyes fall when you run/walk/jog? 

A. Down at your feet. No one wants to trip and be 'that girl'.

B. Eye level, straight ahead. Watching the buildings/people/things pass. But still avoiding all eye contact with anyone other than runners.

C. Up. At the sky.

Typically it's a toss up between a. and b., but tonight I looked up. What a difference it made. I watched the clouds rolling across the sky as the sun made its decent. The pale blue sky melted into a deep lavender and my breath became deeper, my stride wider and my perspective improved. I felt lucky to be able to run, lucky to spend the day with my kids and proud of my progress so far.

Maybe all we need is to turn our look away from everyday life and look up, because as Fifel said 'we're all under the same big sky.'

I'm am going to sleep tonight! Peacefully. 

I hope that for anyone reading this as well. 

Funnily enough my muscles still hurt the sane, but I'm ok with it. Ask me again at 4am.


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