Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week one

Week one is wrapping up, I had a rough start as I didn't actual do anything, but I've been tracking my food and working out hard the last 3 days. I hoping that's enough to show a loss for my weigh in tomorrow. 

I started my 10k training last night and woah. 

It's an app with 3 weekly workouts escalating each week to include more running and less walking. Last night was 8 intervals of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. Let me 'walk' you through it.

1st interval of running - this is great, god i missed this. I could run all night. 
60 seconds later
Already, well ok. I could walk for a bit. 

2nd interval of running - this is great, god i missed this. I could run some more. 
60 seconds later
Yea, I could walk

3rd interval of running - this is alright. I'm at least half way. I can run. 
60 seconds later
Yes, please

4th interval of running - Come on Melanie, you missed this. There are so many bugs. Try not to breathe deep.
60 seconds later

5th interval of running - where the heck am I? I've been running forever. My shins burn. Feck, ate a bug.
60 seconds later
Oh. God. Yes.

6th interval of running - I should turn back, I'm so far (please keep in mind it's only been 20minutes at this point and I can see my house). Burns. More bugs. 
55 seconds later
I'm going to walk now. I'll make up
The difference.

7th interval of running - everything is riding up, my knees are wobbling. I still have one more set. I'm pooped. I can't do this, I am out of shape. I can't even spit out the bugs anymore, but luckily they see me coming and get out of the way, although the suction of my deep breaths drags them back. 
60 seconds later
Sweet relief

8th interval of running - this is great, god i missed this. I could run all night, but I better head home. 
60 seconds later
That wasn't so bad, I can't wait till tomorrow. 

Running, like pregnancy, only happens again because you forget the pain of last time! 

Running tonight after Thomas goes to sleep.

Wish me luck on my weigh in!


Update: I lost 4.2lbs the first week! Woo!

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