Thursday, October 13, 2016

bricks or feathers.

So I am having this debate, mostly with myself, I mean Zac is here, but he's not all that focused on his side of the argument.

Which burns more calories... Running 3km or walking 3km? In theory it's the same amount of steps, but is it the same amount of calories?

Running is more rigorous and causes more exertion/sweat, but is condensed.

Running 3k = 20 minutes

Walking is more casual and causes minimal sweat/exertion, but takes up more time.

Walking 3k = 35 minutes

And if they are the same calories, which has more health benefits? Science (and the Internet) tell me interval training is the best for fat loss, which combines the two. But again... 3k is 3k.

Right? This might just be the, 'which weighs more a 100lbs of feathers or a 100lbs of bricks', all over again.

And also, this new happy water is making me tired.



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