Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 3... PART TWO

Running: 35minutes (4.77km)
Calories: 490

 Yup, yesterday had a PART TWO followed by a good nights sleep... finally! Looking at my running schedule I have to run 4 days a week, but I need to get in strength training... so Wednesdays are double. I am OK with that for DOUBLE the results (how naive am I??)

So last night... I got home early (traffic was very co-operative). I had time to make my lunch, chit-chat with the boys and check out pictures from our trip (sent from NY by our 4th party)... then it was time. The weather had cooled off to 26 degrees... (ew!) but I am DONE making excuses. I got changed and hit the road running... literally. And let me tell you I was running faster than the wind!!! How do I know? A lot of the flowers and trees in my area our seeding so there are floaty things everywhere and I ran faster than them, thus I run faster than the wind... although my pace was a lot slower than Monday (compare the kms) I think that is irrelevant... faster than the wind!

Last nights run felt good... I didn't struggle to keep pace and my songs were ideal (new running play list).

I got home stretched on the stoop and headed in for a relaxing HOT shower. An hour later I was tucked into bed and happy about it.

Today I am spinning... the dreaded ERIN class... wish me luck!


Pounds to loose: 22 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.1% - Inches Lost: 0

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