Saturday, July 10, 2010

My week of slacking is almost at a close...

So I thought I would go out with a BANG. I planned a pineapple dinner party... later named 'adult food party', mainly because I had to convince my friends that pizza, tacos and lasagna was NOT on the menu. I felt like they were kid foods... quick, easy and common.

What brought this on?? Two weeks of teenagers and eating things from a box I was ready for some grown up food. I planned a delicious dinner and dessert and asked Richard to pick up 'adult' appetizers ie. no chips or popcorn. He did well with sausage rolls and flat bread with dip.

Ironically my Mum put it into perspective...

'What are your plans tonight, honey?' She innocently asked.

'A dinner party...' I said, slightly proud of myself.

'Really?' she doubts this event...

'Yes. I am forcing Richard, Dave and Cassy to be adults... appetizers, nice wine, real food and lite conversations'

'honey if you force them... it's not VERY adult.' I hate when she is right.

I went ahead with it anyways, but laid off the pressure to act grown up. It turned out well... we were very grown-up - despite taping a squeak toy to the fan and watching the dog run in circles... it was good.

I cooked Pineapple Chicken skewers with rice and corn. For dessert Baked Pineapple... Mmmm.... It was incredible and filling, but the best part... the calories ---

2 skewers = 300 calories,
Rice = 100 calories,
Corn = 33 calories
Baked Pineapple = 150
Total = 583

I'd do it again... it was yummy, filling and incredibly easy!

Today I am cleaning up and going for a run while Richard is in Parry Sound... its our last day of house sitting and I am excited to go home.


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