Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The dreaded DOUBLE day...

MUSCLE UP: 45minutes
Calories: 548

My BACK HURTS! I mean I worked so hard and pushed myself that my muscles are in a painful recovery. I like this kind of pain, but its odd the things I am uncomfortable doing like... sitting. Yes, sitting is stretching me out - even slouching doesn't feel good. Typing (yet, I do it for you)... the movement and position of my arms feels comfortable... but enough whining.

Today's class was great... we did a lot of new exercises and I feel like I am keeping up with everything. The first few times I did the class I had to stop and 'shake it out'. I am hoping all this prep work will get me ready for BOOT CAMP! Which starts in 5 days... ahhh! Check out the video... it looks intense and FUN!

I am suppose to run tonight, but it is calling for Thunder Storms... I may resort to running Thursday night.

I need to go eat protein and relax.


Pounds to loose: 21(-3) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 0

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