Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Call me a quitter if you must!

I went to MUSCLE UP. I didn't finish the class... my muscle are TOO sore. I didn't want to risk damaging them so I quit. Granted I QUIT with 10minutes left of the 45minute class... so its not really quitting. It's more like leaving early.

Let me bring you into my world of pain... I can't lift my arms. No seriously, I look like I have a minor defunct. I go to brush my hair out of eyes and it happens in slow motion as I wince in pain.I try to have a drink of cold, refreshing water and its warm by the time I get it to my mouth. All this is funny... trying doing up a bra. It's not pretty. And feeding myself... I have been eating a small tub of yogurt for an hour. My spoons judgemental eyes are laughing at me. See!

Anyways... let's just say its been a rough day AND I am craving chocolate, but trying to be good. TRYING! I really can't carry change with me it just promotes junk food.

Running and BOOT CAMP tomorrow and then the WEEKEND! Weeeee!


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