Monday, July 12, 2010

Day One (again)

Good Morning!

It is DAY ONE of the next phase... I am back on track and ready to get into even better shape. This week I have a full schedule with running, spinning and weight training. I am eager to get started. I am also starting on NEW supplements to give me a boost.

I am taking... 4000mg of CLA, 3 Acidophilus with Bifidus and FOS (for digestion) and 1 multi-vitamin (One for her from Vivitas Woman). I also got a handy tip... if any pill upsets your belly... take it with milk to ease the 'queese'.

I also resolved (kind of like New Years, but mid year) to take the stairs every morning. I am only on the 5th floor and its nice to get the heart rate up in the AM. I also opted for this because at 7am the halls are empty and NO ONE can see me huff and buff my way up the 5 flights. I can't believe I can run for 30minutes, easily BUT can't get up the stairs with panting... weird.

**I did the stairs this morning... whewf!

So that is it for this week... next week is when it all gets a little crazy. I start BOOT CAMP next Monday... Richard won't be doing it with me, but will jump in the next round.

I just need to have control over some aspect of my life and I enjoy working out. I decided to make this change for me... I live in a world where most decisions aren't mine and I am told to be patient for my life to begin. I am struggle with the lack of power, but it's nice to finally be laying roots... as boring as it may seem. My life lacks excitement, but I can't blame anyone, but myself for that... although I often try to point the finger else where.

I have declined the move for reasons I can't discuss, my big news proved to be a false alarm and it doesn't look like we're moving anytime soon.

To track everything this time... I will be counting down from 24, tracking my inches loss and body fat percentage...

Wait for it...

[starting pistol fired]

ANC: And she's off...


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