Thursday, July 29, 2010

First comes the running... then comes the PAIN!

Running: 45minutes (5.92km)
Calories: 609

I am tired and in pain, but I am happy about it! Weird??? Yes. I went for a run today after getting on the scale and seeing a 1 pound gain. Stupid Scale. I was doing Wednesday's run... (35minutes of running, 6minutes of run/walk, 4minutes walking) I opted out of running last night. The weather was temperamental AND Richard was home (he has been away all week). I stand by decision to skip running last night. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Anyways back to my run... it felt good - UNTIL this horrible PAIN shot through me. I got the worst 'stitch' (I think that is what it is called) in my side. It cramped and I couldn't take a deep breath, but the stubborn MULE that I am didn't stop running. It just made running a little more challenging.

I can't wait for tonight and the ass kicking I am about to receive!! One more run on the weekend I have completed my first FULL week back at it. Let's hope the results reflect that.

I will let you know how it goes in the AM!


PS - #49 (of helpful fitness advice that confuses me) your body can only break down 400 calories in one sitting... so even healthy food OVER 400 calories gets turned to FAT. I have NOTHING to back this up, but a very wise person that told me (she runs the 680NEWS room... she knows things).

PPS - One of my best friends, Matty! Just got released and his on his way to a better life! Yay, Matty! I was his first phone call. I feel honored.

PPPS - I got new headphones and I am happy to report ZERO ear swear problems this week. They were only 9.99 at Winners and are quite comfortable with good sound.

And of course they are PINK!

Pounds to loose: 19(-5) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 2

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