Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 6...

Running: 33:11minutes (4.67km)
Calories: 480

Look at me!! Even on the weekends I am blogging and running. I am really dedicated this time around. I went for a run this morning. It went well, but I ran slow. I knew wasn't pacing where I normally do, but that's ok at least I was out on the pavement. The weather is hot, again. I try to stay in the shade and actually made a game out of running from tree to tree... it helps pass the time, because I find myself getting bored all the time.

I am headed to a party tonight. I have explained I am not going to drink, but I doubt that will fly. It's a bachelorette. We'll see how I feel about running on Sunday morning.

As a follow up... I didn't run on Friday. I napped with Richard and went to visit friends. It was a good day and I don't feel guilty, because I ran today... Saturday is my rest day.

That's it.

Short and sweet.


PS - Congrats to Richard... he is going BACK to work. Woo! I am also starting BOOT CAMP on Monday. Busy week next week.

**No weighing or measurements on the weekends!

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