Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 5...

...which appears to be a rest day. I was scheduled to run (and still might) but with the pending thunderstorm and the surprising amount of work I have to do it may not happen.

However, today I did officially weigh-in and measure; to be honest today was the FIRST time I measured for cycle 2. So... I haven't lost any inches and if I have i don't know.

Good News - I am down 2 pounds! Thank goodness... it feels all worth it and that I may GET to my GOAL this time.

I have spent SO much time trying to get fit, it feels like an impossible task. I want SO badly to NOT be the fat girl at every party. I want to feel cute, pretty and accepted with my skinny friends (they love me, but I struggle being out of shape). I just want it to work this time...

This weekend will be a true test of will... I am attending a bachelorette AND a baby shower - No, they are not the same event, but both promise ridiculous amounts of food and alcohol. I haven't broken it to the ladies yet -- that I am off booze for a few weeks, while I get back on track. Should be an interesting bachelorette. I also haven't told the party planners I am NOT staying over, because I am NOT drinking and can make it home to my very comfy bed (and Richard). Although its not a typical bachelorette... its Richard's Aunts second wedding. I don't want to blow it off, but second weddings aren't always a BIG deal. I don't know... clearly I am unfamiliar with the etiquette.

It doesn't help the fact that I want to be going to Ohio for the Motorcycle races (and so does Richard) but can't because of these parties... (I am making a VERY childish pouty face).

I am also distracted... my girlfriend (and bachelorette buffer) is sick; not like a cold... like a in the hospital sick and I would rather be with her...

Ok... rambled enough.

See below for my summary of losses :)


Pounds to loose: 22 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.1% - Inches Lost: 0

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