Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Walk/Hike: 2 hours (4.5km)
Sit-ups: 100
Calories: 526

Yup! We celebrated our nations birthday yesterday! Everyone had the day off and it was a free for all of things to do. We opted out of doing the cliche "Canada Day" stuff... no fireworks, parades or carnivals.

We slept in, took Co-oper (our pet during house sitting) for a long walk which turned into a hike when we got lost in the Oakville Jungle, Oakville doesn't in fact have a jungle its a massive suburb of Ontario that barely has a tree. How we managed to get lost - I am STILL trying to work out.

I tracked the walk and after 4.5km we found ourselves safely at home. Actaully we were home just in time for NAP time. My favorite part of any celebration. We woke up to an invite from family for a BBQ... yum!

We took the motorcycles out for a run through the bare streets of west Oakville and East Burlington... what a georgeous day for a ride. We ended up lounging on a patio with long lost cousins AND with the bikes are only mode of transport I couldn't drink... no wasted calories! I think I need to ride my bike to more functions. Its the chilled glass of white wine that ALWAYS gets me.

On that note... House Sitting is killing me! I don't run... because I get lost; although fun with Richard getting lost alone... not so much. I don't sleep, because the kids (16 & 18) don't sleep and are still learning about being quiet. I don't eat right, because NO ONE around me does... It's just a free for all!

On the upside... I can't be obessed with weighing myself --- there is NO scale.

As for this morning... I am all over the place - I am tired and bored, dreading going home after work... god knows what the kids (Richard included) will have gotten into our have planned for this evening.

How will I survive this insanity?!?! Wish me luck...


Ps - Funnily enough I had no idea that in 2 VERY short years I would be getting married on this very day. Its amazing what you realize looking back.

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