Friday, July 9, 2010

In an effort to ENJOY the heat...

... I created an experiment.

It was pushing 45 degree yesterday, even hotter in my dark gray car with black interior, but was it hot enough to bake a cookie?

I was going to find out!

The project started with a trip to bulk barn... I wasn't going to start from scratch and risk loosing all the cookie goodness should this NOT work. I picked up cookie mix and chocolate chips (and a WHOLE lot of other candy... what can I say? I'm weak).

I rushed home (in fact, we rushed home) and started the process. Richard laughed at my idea, but stayed with me in the kitchen. He played Family Feud. As I created he begged for answers (and we found out I have NO knowledge of normal people's thoughts). I started the mix with TOO much water and it became a sticky mess. I snooped around the kitchen and found whole wheat flour and proceeded to dump it into my bowl.

Once the paste was ready... I have to make a cookie sheet.

Pam is ALWAYS necessary when baking... can't risk the cookie sticking to the 'pan'. I considered using a REAL pan, but my car is small and I wanted to leave the cookie in the sun on the dash... where a REAL cookie sheet wouldn't fit.

Next... I added the cookie dough.

And smushed it with a fork... I was being realistic. I didn't know if the heat in my car could tackle the blob and a thinner cookie was more likely to bake.

It is now ready to bake. I realize my car is NOT 350 degree (the recommended oven temperature). So I set the cookie on my dash and set my timer for an hour.

Then I waited.

and waited... after an hour. I ran out to the car excited to bite into my 'weather cooked' cookie (I do these things... I once tried to wash my very thick hair in a rain storm. I got all lathered up and the rain stopped. Dripping wet and defeated my Mum wouldn't let me in the house... it was a 'fail'.)

Only it wasn't cooked.

"Is it cooked yet, babe" Richard inquired trying to mask his skepticism.

"Just needs a few more minutes" I lied... I new my experiment had failed, but I couldn't give him the justification of being right!

THREE HOURS LATER as the sun was going down.... I checked on my cookie again.

Still not REALLY cooked, but it was... umm... harder, like it had thought about cooking, but then decided not too... to spite me, of course.

So as I realized this was a FAIL... I drew up this conclusion... You CAN bake a cookie on a hot day. If you have endless hours of sun and don't mind a chewy, under baked cookie.

I did not like chewy cookies, Richard does but refused to eat my 'half-baked-car-cookie'.

The End.

This is what I am doing instead of working out...


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