Tuesday, June 14, 2011

300 posts!

Its a BIG day... sorry I haven't been blogging. It's a HUGE deal to hit 300 posts and I wanted this one to be fantastic, but I couldn't think of anything and I really didn't want to do a '300 favorite things' or a '300 things i learned post' which seems to predictable (and I have done it... see here). So I drew you a picture... the evolution of Melanie. Enjoy!

I don't have a lot of encouraging news to report... we're still settling in the new house and my diet and routine are suffering, but my love life and wedding planning are blooming... you win some, you lose some.

I have discovered my new running route... which I LOVE! There is a running path the length of the city just a block south of my house. I have used it several times in the last couple weeks. Its nice... although I have to remember the run home. The first time I am running along enjoying the views and got to 4k, exhausted only to realize I have to run BACK... my legs were not happy about the stairs when I got home... in fact, in protest they kept me on the ground floor for an extra hour, before allowing me to move forward with my shower plans. I now know to run only 2.5kms in one direction before turning around and running back.

I am also playing with a new app... Run Keeper. My Nike Sensor finally died (battery life, 500 hours... I'm just saying.) Its pretty cool and works on GPS... it even gives you a map of your run and posts to Facebook. Its nice too, because when Richard teases me about running around the block I can show him the little map of how far I have been... its shuts him up really quickly.

All and all I am good... I don't feel obsessed anymore, but I am in control and enjoying my life. I never thought after 300 posts, 47 pounds and 18 months I would be where I am today.


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