Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So many things to discuss!!

First... Ow! I went to Muscle up at lunch (a 45 minute cardio weights class... there is a step and a bar and free weights... you get the idea). I try to take a break from cardio mid week (Run Monday, Spin Tuesday) and normally this class is a bird class... ie. you fly right through it, but at least I was at the gym. Not today, Anissa is very pregnant right now and opted out of teaching which left us with Angela... also know as the 'beast'. She used to compete in fitness competitions... and is rock solid. She is fantastic and her classes are tough as all hell. I am aching all over. Whewf. I needed a good kick in the ass, but wow she was rough!! I am hoping to get out for a run today, but the rain seems to be against me... we'll see.

I have a 'second' point, but its been lost in the process of writing this... damn.

I have another point, but it doesn't warrant a 'second'... I started another blog. I have intense, clearly insane dreams EVERY night. It's distracting and confusing most of the time. I decided to write a blog about them. I would love to keep track and see if there is any relevance to my day to day life.

Check it out...

That's it for today... I have a pile of paperwork on my desk and they just delivered kabobs! Mmm...


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