Monday, June 20, 2011


I think I am still drunk. I'm a mess. Its ok, my weekend was WELL worth it, but I am pooped.

And on the front of keeping this fitness... I gained 8 pounds. I know that isn't logical, but for 2 days I have been up 8 pounds. And I am ok with it... surprisingly enough I feel like I know my body well enough to know it is simply dehydration paired with a crummy weekend diet and WAY TOO much booze.

But as I said.... completely worth it.

What trouble did I get into? You ask.

Friday night I happily celebrated with one of my best friends, because you see (its also her birthday today, Happy Birthday!!) she is getting married and Friday the hens gathered for a ridiculous bridal shower which turned into more of a martini party... it was perfect. All of the ladies in her life, together in one place to celebrate, but no silly games or sandwiches with the crusts cut off. If anyone involved in my planning reads this please note... I am ok with a shower like this.
Cassy is the one with the tiara... ie. the bride.

To learn about my strong hatred of bridal showers, go here.

The boys joined us later for an even more explosive celebration of the upcoming nuptials. Saturday morning was a little rough, but I pushed through to Saturday, which was a lot of planning and preparing, because Saturday night was Katie's surprise birthday party at the pub. She had NO idea and the night turned into a huge drinking game including jager bombs, chicken wings, crispy crunches, buttery nipples, blow jobs and an array of vodka waters... it was a mess, but so much fun. 
Yup, that's a vodka cake.
I knew I had blown the diet OUT of the water, but I was ok... until the next morning, because on Sunday morning at 9am we were meeting our photographer (for the first time) for our engagement photo shoot... on the motorcycles. It was quite the feat, but we powered through and it was a lot of fun (we'll get the pictures in about 2 weeks).

Sunday evening was spent laying around complaining as our insides ached and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Its back to the gym today... argh.


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