Tuesday, August 24, 2010

back to BOOT CAMP!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: lots!

Whewf... I only have a few seconds to write as I am feeling very frantic with the pile of papers on my desk... it appears to be growing faster then it is depleting. I still managed to sneak away to hit SPINNING. I am really going to have to make an effort come fall to stick with my schedule... It's all to often I work through lunch to keep on top of things.

I guess that attribute to my overall mood. I am tenfold compared to yesterday, but still feeling off. Like my body isn't mine and I can MAKE it do these things it USED TO enjoy, but my hearts not in it. It's that time of the month (not THAT time of the month), but once a month I use focus and get distracted... I am tired all the time and bloated. I feel defeated and anxious... this is that time. I am trying to work through it as I would normally hide under a rock until it was over... I guess its personal growth - yay me!

Ok... spinning was good. I am glad I went, but I am more excited about BOOT CAMP tonight and the results tomorrow... well, I am as excited as a lazy FAT girl could be - HA!


Ps - have you noticed my little weight loss chart? Cool eh? I try to update daily... I hate all the fluctuations, but I can't celebrate the victories with out acknowledging the defeats.

Pounds to loose: 16(-9) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.4% - Inches Lost: 5.5

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