Thursday, August 26, 2010

DOUBLE day and I am excited!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 739

I have a lot of things running through my pretty little head. I was so excited to hit the gym today... I feel SO close to my goal... I just want to RUN to it -- literally. I have been lucky enough to loose 2 pounds a week for 3 weeks. I am hoping keeping to the same diet and routine will garner another 6 pounds of loss. All that being said, I am finally on the path to better health... what I mean is in 6 pounds I will be lower than I ever have been in my adult life. That to me is surreal.

I have tried and failed to loose weight my ENTIRE life. I've been sucked into FAD diets and FAD weight loss secrets. I have starved myself and purged. I have done everything insane you could do to get fit... I would be willing to stand on my head for 365 days, naked in the rain if you told me it would help me loose weight. I just want to be fit and not worry everyday about my health.

I feel like this time I can do it... and I am not on a FAD diet or exercise regime. I am actually just eating well and going to the gym... novel concept. I hate that it took 27 years of life to except there is no 'easy' way of doing things. No quick fix that works... I can only hope when I have teenage girls I can instill that into them. Although I think I will adapt this NEW healthy lifestyle into my children's life to prevent them from having this battle.

Side note... can you hear the biological clock ticking????

Spin class was AWESOME. Erin is insane... there is no break and no recovery. You go hard for 45 minutes. She never lets you release the tension or slow down. At one point I had to stop... I had pushed SO hard I couldn't breath... literally.

I think i am getting sick... everyone around me seems to be. I have been congested the last few nights. My throat is scratchy and my stomach is off. I can't be sick... argh! I need to beef up the Vitamin C in my diet and hope for the best.

I all OVER the place... oh and drew a NEW picture for my SPIN days... what do you think?

Weigh in tomorrow and BOOT CAMP tonight. Wish me luck!


Pounds to loose: 13(-11) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.5% - Inches Lost: 5.5

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