Thursday, August 12, 2010

When nothing is happening I have NO motivation to continue...

... its all in the title.

I weigh more today then this time last week. WTF?? I am busting my ASS and not getting anywhere! ARGH! Boot Camp is almost over and I am NOT going to hit my goal. Damnit! I can't win!

Sorry... just angry today. Boot Camp was NOT as amazing as I thought it would be. Before I even worked up a sweat it was over.

I have a dinner tonight... I don't want too, not because I don't enjoy a FREE dinner and a swank restaurant, but because I don't want to eat, drink and be merry -- and my 'merry' I mean FAT!

I am supposed to do something today, but my legs (and chest) is SO sore I shouldn't run and spinning is terrible today.

And I think I am going to be sick... Ew!



  1. You'll get there, girl! You've had amazing dedication thus far :-)

    I know it can get very frustrating, but from experience, the best way to avoid frustration is to not put deadlines on weight loss goals, since you feel crappy if you don't make them. Just keep on keeping on, and if you still haven't lost anything in another week or two, look into changing up or adding in some activities, shake up your food, or treat yourself to a massage to rejuvinate and keep on!

    You can do it :-) Treat- within reason- tonight and get back to the norm right after.


  2. Thanks Emily! It's nice to have the support and to know its ok to make mistakes.