Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Circuit Training at BOOT CAMP

BOOT CAMP: 60 minutes (Circuit Training)
Calories: 1000

Wow. Simply Wow. I was nervous about BOOT CAMP. This week is circuit training and I feared I wouldn't see the results I wanted (I have a lot of weekend mis-happenings to undo). I thought circuit training would be ALL weights and I needed cardio.

I. Was. Wrong.

Every part of me is sore. Carrie had us running all over the place. TWO warm up laps and a running station within the circuit. There were TEN stations and we spent about 3 minutes at each.

1. Sit-ups/Crunches with a body bar... 20 of each and switch, until the whistle blows

2. Running with a twist. You start with 2 jumps over a pylon. You run to the next pylon and drop a knee, alternating at the next pylon. Run to the next and squat. Run back. Continue until the whistle blows.

3. Tire run. Pick up a tire (motorcycle) and with it over your head do walking lunges to the end of the curb and, with tire in tow, run back to start. Continue until the whistle blows.

4. Skip.

5. Lift the GAS CAN. First with a squat press and then a bicep curl. 20 of each and repeat.

6. Run.

7. Elastic Band lunges. With an elastic band wrapped around a light post doing forward lunges with a forward press.

8. Ladder run. Ladders are laying flat on the ground and you have to 'hopscotch' through them.

9. Sand Bag Twist. Pick up the 20lbs sand bag and do 20 twists and run up the hill with the bag. Repeat, until the whistle blows.

10. With a 15lbs weight squat and swing the weight to eye level. Harder than it looks.

Then we RAN another lap and hit the circuit again, for a minute each station.

On top of sweating in the humidity it was rain... not BIG FAT fun rain, but misty make-everything-slippery-rain.

I got into my car and sunk into the seat. I was sopping wet and ready for a goods night sleep. I got a good nights sleep and today I am tired and happy; only one pound up from the weekend - woo!

I have spinning today... scary. I don't know how my legs will fare, but we're going to but them to the test.


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

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