Thursday, June 24, 2010

Muscle Up!

Muscle Up Class: 548
Running: 37:41 (5.17km)
Calories: 1080

(Great fitness blog by Hyperbole and a half... ENJOY!)

What a day yesterday! I have to start with the EARTHQUAKE in southern Ontario... WTF?! That doesn't happen here and it throws me off my game, a little. The buidling was shaking... although it felt more like riding a wave.

Second... I am finally starting to feel like myself again; a little sore, well worked and well rested. I am glad I got back on the fitness train. I was honestly worried I was on the DOWN part of the resolution cycle. You know the one I mean... you're all GUN-HO in January... you make the plan and stick to it. It starts to fade by the end of the month. You loose interest in your routines or loose focus on your goal and you quit. I was afraid I had started on that lap... you know, I lost a lot of weight, my clothes fit and suddenly I don't have to work as hard - NOT THE CASE. I think you get comfortable in your routine and never realize how hard you're working until you start to slow down and so does the loss. I have done this my entire life... made a plan, stuck to it, saw results and quit. Clearly that doesn't work... so back on track is good.

As for the work-outs... where do these find these instructors?! My GOD! Yesterday I opted out of Leslie-Ann's spin class for a little 'Muscle Up'. In this class you work with weights to... muscle up. I thought I could take it, but no. This class was intense... we worked every muscle in our arms and backs and the instructor never broke a sweat. Me, on the other hand, was drenched from how hard I was working. I spent most of the class with my head down, tongue out - telling myself... 'you can do this.' ' don't wimp out' 'think of the results'. My arms are sore today and I am glad about that.

My arms have to be my least favorite part of my body, case in point it is 25 degrees and I am wearing a sweater... not because I am cold, but because I want to cover up my arms. I sweat a lot in the summer. Anyways, Richard made a good point... "if you hate your arms, why do you ONLY do leg work?" Simple concept, right? I do leg work because I enjoy spinning and running... what arm excerise do YOU like? To cut it short... I started the weights class once a week to try to target my arms. So far... they hurt... in the 'good you worked SO hard' kind of way.

Running and ABS today.

Wish me luck!


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