Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally ran...

Spinning: 45minutes
Running: 38:19minutes (5.26km)
Calories: 1292

... and it felt good. I wonder why I ever stopped. Well, I know why... I got cocky in regards to my weight loss and stopped putting in the effort. I also went on vacation AND made excuses.

I am done with the excuses. I need to get back on track. I want to loose another 20lbs and I have plateau'd long enough. I managed to finish my vacation at the same weight I started at... so that was a little victory, but now (almost 2 weeks since my return) I am up 3 pounds. I would like to blame my weekend... it was the annual cottage weekend. We (Richard and 9 of his friends) head to 'Lake of Bays' and get hammered for 3 days straight. So when I got back, I was hung-over, tired and de-hydrated (despite all the drinking). I hoped on the scale and was SO upset.

I promised myself this week I would get back to the gym... spinning, running and weights. Monday was a bit of a write-off... after getting no sleep (literally) Sunday night I was in no state do anything let alone hit the gym. I made up for it last night with a run... after my spin class. I also decided that I will run after work everyday of the week, regardless of what I did at work.

I want that feeling back... the feeling of fit. It's like a 'proud/skinny/productive' (PSP) feeling that makes everything else about my life better. I crave the feeling and despite being at a comfortable weight (down 27lbs) I am starting to get the itch to be lighter, smaller and fitter... i swear its an addiction to the PSP!

Ok... there it is my return to fitness blogging.

I am hoping with this blog to sort out protien... figure how my body FAT % is still so high... and the best NEW work-out for me (I  get bored... part of my lack of motivation).

I am also looking for a new goal... I need a goal system. This entire weight loss started, because I wanted to get to the rally in good shape. I wanted Richard to be able to show me off and I wanted to comfortable around the skinny girls that would be at the rally. Well the rally has past (we went out east instead) so now I need another BIG ocasion to prepare for.

I will let you in on a secret... it may be a BIG move. I wouldn't want to start my new life, in my new home as a fatty.

I have already said to much...

A few shots of Richard and I, on our trip to send you off.


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