Friday, June 4, 2010

The offical conversion is TODAY!

Above anything else... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL!!!! Xx

and then... Welcome to my TRAVEL BLOG (there will be hints of fitness as I try to stick to my diet and squeeze in work-outs on the road)

In less than 24 hours I will be on my Motorcycle heading for the border. I ride a SV650s. She is yellow and stunning... oh wait. I will just post a picture.

See... stunning! Richad built her for me... he raised the bars, lowered the bike and a bunch of other performance related 'man' things I don't know enough about to discuss.

We're getting started tomorrow morning at 4am (gross, I know... but clearly we're trying to beat the sun and watch it rise in New York). We're meeting up with one more in Albany and from there we're headed for the East Coast, more specifically the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

It should be QUITE the adventure considering it's barely my second year riding and the most I have ever ridden is 5 hours consecutively. AND my fellow riders are a little left of normal...

Richard is 25. He has been riding for 6 years and owns 2 bikes. He works part time customizing and serivicing motorcycles and built one from the ground up. He wears FULL race leathers (Yum... I will get a pic) and always cracks the throttle to escape (I can keep up ;). He needs things organized and writes lists, but let him relax and he is a LAUGH and should win an award for BEST supporting trouble maker (typically Zach inflicted... vs self inflicted).

Dad is older than dirt (and doesn't read this). He has been riding for longer than I have been alive and is a McGiver when it comes to bikes... I think he once fixed a flat tire on the side of the highway with only a shoe lace! He's easy-going and spends a lot of time laughing at the 'young-persons' ridiculous-ness.

Zach is 22. He is CRAZY! I haven't even met the guy, yet. Let's just say he'll try anything once and I am going to push that theory this trip. He once jumped off of a moving trailer (attached to a golf cart... that's another story)... to try and stop it with his feet. He tumbled and grazed the pavement, but didn't spill his beer... we'll just watch. (I will FIND the video... its on Youtube).

And Me... you know enough about me already.

Wish me luck.


PS - Last gym session today... a Leslie-Ann spin class.

Last workout...

Spinning: 50 (long grueling) minutes
Calories: 830

Leslie-Ann is amazing! My legs hurt and I am still sweating... what a great send off to my week of riding.



  1. Good luck and have fun! How funny, you'll only be an hour from me for part of your trip (I live about an hour away from Albany). Ride safe, have a blast, and bring us back pictures, please. ^.^

  2. Anything I should see in Albany???