Tuesday, February 28, 2012

THREE work outs today!

Yup! I am insane... and punishing myself for my cupcake dinner last night. I made them from scratch (added cinnamon and brown sugar), to celebrate Richards new job, and had to try then. They were YUMMY. I actually only had one, but I licked the bowl clean (my favorite part of baking). Anyways... I am feeling guilty and wanted to work towards something, hold myself accountable and make sure I worked off the excess calories.

And a pleasant surprise, which prompted the 3 workouts instead of the planned 2, Anna caught me in the elevator on the way to the gym. She was also on the way to the gym... Now Anna is a rail, but works hard on her diet to keep the pounds off, not obsessively, but realistically. She just happens to be one of my close friends. We've never hit the gym together... mainly because I am doing heavy cardio to drop weight and she is doing strength training to sculpt.

So... we're in the elevator on the way to the gym, my intentions are to do the noon spin class or take a spin around the elliptical should the class be full (which it has been lately). Anna insisted I do the step class with her.. thus I signed up for the step class (1). After class she decided to stick around for the Abs and Back class; I am WAY TOO competitive to back down so I stayed (2). All the while knowing I have a 75 minutes Detox Yoga class tonight with Cassy (3). I am a little sore and SURE I will regret this in the morning, but its all for something and I feel good
about it.

The only downside is Walter... I haven't felt him in a few days, but he was clearly in Step Class with me. I wish he would just F*** off!

I also haven't been on the scale since Sunday... I know 2 days, big deal. It is huge to me. I even cried about it to Richard last night to a dominate 'just don't do it'. If it were that simple I wouldn't have hidden the scale... ha!

Ok... I am ranting, see you tomorrow.

Wish me luck tonight.

Pounds to Lose: ???

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