Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hi Blog!

Good Morning and Happy 'love to you' day. I don't know why I am SO festive (I am wearing a pink sparkly sweater. Eeee!)


but this...

Thank you Lululemon!

I am even writing with my heart pencil...

See... I am actually wearing the pink sweater! No trickery here!
Although I suppose I am typing right now, but when ever I feel the need to 'write' I use the heart pencil... why not? Its only good one day a year!

I don't have anything amazing to write about either. Walter is still with me and grumbled a lot last night. My detox is still chugging away and... WAIT I do have something to share. I ate quinoa. I even cooked it myself and if you're not familiar with this 'grain' its like big sand. You rinse it off and boil it (like rice). Only with the size of it... it gets EVERYWHERE, like sand. It doesn't taste like sand, but it doesn't taste like anything. I started dumping my spice cupboard into it and it turned out well, ok, edible. Apparently it is 'good' for you, but I don't know. I can't keep up with all the trends these days.

Speaking of trends... I was at my in laws house on Sunday, while there a friend came over. Both in their late 50s and dieting the women (Richard Mom and her friend) started talking about a new diet that is 'all the rage' and 'melts away the fat'. I rolled my eyes, but listened in. This 'fad' was a sensible diet, no white starches and lots of fruits and veggies. Both women seemed amazed at the simplicity of this and giggled about when they we're going to try it.

First... WHAT?! Why is a sensible diet so shocking?

Second... in 30 years am I still going to struggle with my weight?!? I figured by that point I would just accept where ever I am in life, knowing that I have done my best to be healthy. I don't want to resolve to 'lose weight', 'get healthy' and 'be active' every year for the next 30 years. hmpf. I need to work this out NOW.

You know, for a post about nothing this is pretty long.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


Pounds to Lose: 19

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