Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So MUCH things to discuss!

Yes, I aware that is grammatical in correct, but there are 'much' things I need to write about.

Let's talk about yesterday... 3 workouts. I already talked about the first two, but the third... what an interesting experience. I joined Cassy for a Hot Yoga Detox class last night..

Detox Vinyasa - A gentle Vinyasa flow suitable for all levels. The intention of this practice is to detoxify the mind and body by stimulating, cleansing and nourishing from the inside out.
What an amazingly intense and eye opening class. It is what I always expected Hot Yoga to be; not just poses in a hot room, but chanting, breathing techniques and spiritual connections and thanks. Now, I am not a granola, I don't buy into all the hype, but this class made me feel centred calm and refreshed. We worked through the Vinyasa flow to 'ring out' every organ and increase blood flow. We worked our diaphragm through intense breathing exercise and lots of holding. I can't even begin to describe.

Trish ended with a prayer, which I am trying to find and it just made everything make sense. I love yoga, I love feeling at one with my surroundings.

You know who doesn't like Yoga... Walter.

Last night as we were 'ringing out' our glands Walter screamed as I cut of circulation to him and then forced blood to rush through him and my every other creature living in my throat. No one else reacted as poorly as Walter... this morning I woke up to a large, hard lump in my throat, more so to the right side. The discomfort has returned... in the second picture, you can kind of his him; fully extended. WTF?! I have to make an appointment with my doctor for another ultrasound, this is getting past funny into annoying. I am read to part ways with Walter... even if that means surgery. Which let's hope it doesn't, although hospital time means ICE CREAM (guilt free) and TEDDY BEARS!

As I sit here typing this Walter is pushing on my esophagus, making me want to swallow continuously. Hmpf.

Finally (of my much things) I pulled out the scale this morning. Look, 3 times a week is still better than 3 times a day. Baby steps. The results are positive though... I have lots a few pounds and maybe I missed a disheartening increase. Who knows? I put the scale away until Friday for my offical weigh in.

That's it and I think that is 'much'.


Pounds to Lose: 18


  1. Nice pictures; when is your ultrasound?

  2. Also, have you took the picture on the left during swallowing?