Monday, February 6, 2012

I am off the drops.

Ok. First Richard called while I was at the gym and sadly said... sweetie I am hungry and afraid to eat. I love that he is really trying to do this. The poor guy is at home all day surrounded by treats (from my shower, that didn't make it into work, because I had to take the train) and temptation, with no idea what to do with himself. I am waiting right now for a second call while he is at home and I can guide him through the kitchen.

And then my Naturopath returned my frantic call from yesterday. I called to ask for more help. She has put me on these drops (which I may have already mentioned, but a quick summary) that are suppose to flush out my thyroid and make it work. They are in fact doing something to my thyroid, that involves make it swell and complicate swallowing in most cases.I thought it meant they were working, but not the case and I have to stop taking them for a few days to give my thyroid room to breath. We'll see what happens.

I feel good today... I even went to the gym and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Just a quickie bonus post... over and out!


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