Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank GOODNESS for friends!

I understand you can't pick your family (and I wouldn't), but your friends; they are amazing people you CHOOSE to share life with. I don't have more than a handful of good friends and sometimes, with the wedding tension, the list is short but the few I have that have held on... thank you or as the song says... "Thank you for being a friend, traveling down the road and back again" and because my singing has never been good.... a video!

And if we're talking Golden Girls I might be 'Rose'... a little flighty, but very nice. Although I might be closer to 'Sophia' with my smart mouth and questionable ethics, but Rose is just so damn loveable.

Anyways... back on track. I had a crummy day, yesterday. My face hurt and my gums throbbed, I couldn't eat anything of good taste and work was hectic, but at the end my good friend Cassy pulled me out of the funk and dragged me to Hot Yoga. I am so glad she was there to pull me along, the class was amazing and just what I needed to feel recharged. Cassy is new to me (although its almost 4 years), but she is quickly becoming my closest and dearest friend. I blame the wedding... we get together weekly to gossip and brainstorm about my wedding. So, as much as I hate the damn thing a friendship is blooming because of it.

As for Hot Yoga... I nearly popped a stitch. YEE-OW! I knew it was going to be a tough class... any work out in high heat, that is over an hour is going to be tough, but this wasn't any ordinary Hot Yoga class this was Hot Yoga Cross Fit; a completely different beast.

Yoga Cross (Burlington) - A physically intense yoga class focusing on body conditioning, strength, endurance and core work. Feel your body and spirits lighten as you improve your body composition and work towards your personal weight management goals.
Yea, sounds fun... right?! It was GREAT! I almost cried and sweat A LOT, but I left feeling good, strong and powerful. I can't wait for Saturday to go again. And this time I won't take my pain killers so close to class ;)
I always feel like I am rambling, but I was so excited to have something fitness-esque to write about I didn't take the time to structure the blog, like I normally do. Yes, all of this chaos is typically planned... sorry to ruin the magic.

As for my health... my face seemed to explode last night and I fell asleep in a drug induced coma, but I feel ok today. Still sore, a little tender, but managable. Walter seems to be leaving again, but you never can be sure with him, he's a tricky little guy.

The weekend is here and I can't wait to get started! For the first time is 4 weeks I will be drinking wine... my favorite thing, only second to chocolate (Richard is a close third). It will be nice to relax with one of my new labels. *deep sigh*

Have a good weekend... stay healthy, happy and strong. (That's the yoga talking ;)


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