Wednesday, February 8, 2012


And I am angry. I remember this feeling. I am agitated and my fuse is short. Its barely 9am and I have already yelled at FOUR different people. Granted it was all over the same issue and one of them was Richard... actually Richard's voicemail, because the lazy ass is still sleeping. I suspect a big fight once he checks his message, but I have no patience.

I want him awake. I want him working. And if he isn't awake and working... I want MORE help around the house. I hate that everything falls to me ALL the time. He sleeps till 11 and then plays video games. The house is a mess and I have 25 Thank-you notes to write! Thank GOD he doesn't read this blog. Its in NO ONE's best interest for him to know how I am feeling right now. I hate Angry Days. I can't even stand to me around myself... and today, I have 2 off site meetings with over demanding, whiny clients.Hmpf. I still have this stupid cold and most of last night I had terrible dreams that have me on edge.

I haven't lost nearly as much weight as I expected and I FARKING hungry. I hate this. My thyroid continues to swell to all hell and now I can't even swallow without choking on it. I want to go home, but I want to go home along... not to Richard and his video games.


Now I am going to predict a very SAD day of crying tomorrow, because that seems to be the normal trait involved with Detox.

I'm done... consider yourself lucky the post ends here.


  1. Take Ibuprofen it should reduce thyroid inflammation:)