Friday, February 3, 2012

Side Effects

Ok. I am in Day Two of treatment (no detox yet) and I am starting to understand some of the tricky effects of introducing new 'things' into my body. It always interests me to know that I have blind faith in my Naturopath and am taking the drops prescribed without asking what they are. Every morning I drop 15 drops into my water bottle on the way to work. They have no flavor, but change the consistency of the water... it reminds me more of alcohol; if that even makes sense.

Let's get the first side effect out of the way... I gained 4 pounds over night. I am hoping that it's a lot of water retention, because another side effect is thirst. I am so incredibly thirsty. My mouth is dry and my head is pounding... Yesterday I drank 2 times my daily recommended water consumption. I just couldn't quench my thirst. Even right now, my swollen tongue is sticking to the roof of my mouth. BLAGH!

Worse than that is the gas... holy. I have to clench my cheeks ALL day to prevent embarrassing noises erupting from my back end. I don't need to go further into detail on that one.

So last night I took my drops and my pills before dinner. After dinner I took a midol for the cramping (not time of the month related) and headache. I drank a bucket of water and sat on the couch to relax. Only I couldn't because I also have a head cold. My throat is sore, my nose is plugged and my head is cloudy (which could also lead to these side effects) because of all that my doting fiance recommended I take a Buckley's Cold and Flu daytime dosage. I didn't disagree (forgetting about the Midol) and popped two gel caps... 

Now half way through Vampire Diaries (don't judge me) I start to zone in on Damon and his devilish good looks, I can't look away, my eyes are wide and my vision is blurry. Then apparently I don't move for a solid 30 minutes enthralled in the drama on the small screen. During the commercial break I just sit and stare. Richard constantly asks... Are you OK? And all I can do is giggle. This confused, focused feeling continues right through Jersey Shore (don't judge me). To add strength to my medicine head argument below is my Facebook Status update as of 10:23pm.

"Pain meds + cold meds + vitamins + hot dogs = you're awesome."

If that doesn't perfectly explain how I was feeling last night I don't know what would. We had Hot Dogs for dinner with KD... that's where the Hot Dog reference comes from, in case you were curious.

So yes... I am full believer in treatment, but my head isn't in the game. I also can't focus and I feel very scattered. Let's hope that works itself out, in the mean time I am going to go with 'no more cold meds'. I will just have to sniffle with pride.

DAY TWO of the fitness Challenge went well with a FULL on STEP class... Woo!


Pounds to Lose: 24

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