Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ab Challenge!

I got bested by the AB challenge.

I hate to even admit that, especially here. Hmpf.

After my 5k run with Vanessa I decided to grab a page from her book and convince my husband to do the 30-day ab challenge. If you’re new, my husband is fit and beautiful, but has never worked out a day in his life. He eats chips by the bag full and seldom craves vegetables.

BUT I did convince him to do the challenge – SHOCK and AWE!

He struggled the first few days, while he got a feel for it. I breezed through… spending most mornings with Jillian Michaels, my abs were accustomed to abuse. I joked ‘How are you going to feel when you give up and your wife soldiers on?’ Apparently this is the motivation he needed, because I only made it to day 25 before a broken toe and exhaustion pulled me out. He kept going ALL THE WAY. He still does abs in the evening, but not to the same extent AND--- AND he saw results. While I have a load of towels over my washboard, he started to show definition.  Men.

Funny, while I was putting sweet baby T down for the night I would just hear the huff and puff of a man set out to prove his wife wrong.

I tip my hat to you Mr. P… well done.


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  1. Love this!!!! Your Awesome Mel!!