Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being a Mum.

Changes everything.

Jillian Michaels constantly says 'Figure out the WHY and the HOW becomes possible.' Thomas is my WHY.

I want to be fit. I want to be active. I want him to never choose the TV or the outdoors. I want him to grow up with a Mummy and Daddy who are active, fit and busy, so it never becomes an option for him. He will just think that is life.

We eat our vegetables. We play outside. We care about what goes into our bodies. We don't take ourselves to seriously. We are confident. We are strong.

I also want to live for as long as possible and not just exist, but LIVE. I want to run with my children (and grandchildren). I want to dance and jump and play. I want to scoop them up and throw them into the sky. I want to crawl with them and explore the world at their level. You just can't do that with an extra 50lbs hanging around your middle. I want to never be a reason their friends poke fun or ammunition for a bully. Part of giving your child the best life, is being the best you.

Thomas is my favorite and I love him THE MOST. He gave me a reason to care, a reason to change and a reason to be better.

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