Saturday, October 24, 2015

I need it.

I am the girl that needs a good sweat, I can be distracted by life, but lately my distractions have just left me bored and depressed. You see, the recent weeks have left me unemployed and stranded, with a toddler and a 7-month pregnant belly. I felt out of control, I couldn't make any changes, because I am having a baby. No one is going to hire me at 7.5 months pregnant. I can't lose weight, in fact I am supposed to be gaining a pound a week for the next 9 weeks. I can't go anywhere (I was in a car accident 3 weeks ago that sent my car to the wreckers) not even walking will get me anywhere. And even if I did go anywhere. I don't have any money to spend (I don't quite qualify for mat leave).

Bottom line, I am in a funk.

Thomas and I try to go for a walk everyday, but its at his speed... which is 'stop I need to look at everything' slow. It also highlights my lack of shape, when my pelvic floor gives out and I fall into a deep waddle before noon.

So what can I do at home? How can I start to feel better?

It's always the same answer. Sweat.

I need to feel like I am progressing, on my way to something. I can't lose weight, but I can gain muscle. So I googled workouts for every trimester. I have to be careful in my third trimester that I don't work myself into pre mature labour. I have to listen to my body when it calls it quits and I can't start bouncing around, but I can work my arms, legs and get my heart rate up. I can prep for being a mother of 2 boys under the age of three. I can do something every day to feel active.

So I did.

This morning, with Thomas, I worked out. I did a modified version of the Jillian Michaels 90 day challenge week one, workout one. I felt good. I feel good. First time in weeks... months.

I am probably going to have to stay on week one for the next 9 weeks, but its something. Its a routine I can get used too. And it gets Thomas interested and right now he is sitting on my lap, having a cuddle while I type. So it's a win.

I am even going to post my measurements. Eeek!

Wish me luck as I work to find myself all over again.


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