Monday, April 23, 2012


That's the newest plan.

Ok... so I am still at the gym. I am still working hard and leaving everything on the floor, but I am just simply maintaining, because my diet has been SO terrible... all the late night plans and quick meals have added to the plateau.

I recently read that a diet high in fibre was great for continued weight loss. I checked my fibre (on my little Loseit! app) and I don't eat enough. Now don't laugh, but I always thought Fibre came from grains... I would eat bread and smooth the guilt by saying 'I need the fibre'. That's not the case... consider your mind BLOWN. Fibre comes from fruits and veggies or so I understand.

I have started taking a protein shake for breakfast with an increased fibre level as well as daily 'Fibre One' bars to try and 'move things along'. We'll see how it goes. I have also committed to eating healthy. Richard is going to make dinner from here on out to prevent skipped meals and late dinner... especially with bootcamp in the evenings.

I hope it all works out... I love me, but I would love to be a better me by July 1.


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  1. Yes! Lots of dark leafy green veggies and fruit are excellent fiber. Buy a bag of apples and eat one a day. It's an easy way to boost fiber deliciously.