Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boot Camp - Day 1

Yes, it is time for another 'day 1'. I feel like I have had a lot of these on this path. I need a beginning to have an end and I needed something to push me into doing this. I know I will be mad at the wedding if I know I didn't try to lose the weight and get in shape. Granted, I won't be perfect... but trying makes it OK to fail. I am putting all I have into this and I will be happy with whatever comes out of it.

I hope.

So I went to Boot Camp and how was it? different. I am sore today, which is good but it wasn't the experience I expected. I remember Boot Camp with Carrie and it was this intense hour of cardio, strength and endurance. This wasn't that.

Carrie's camp was designed for women that wanted to lose weight... ie. cardio.

John's camp is designed for men that want to build muscle... ie. weights.

I am not sure how I feel about it all yet. I am just glad I ran my 5k Monday at lunch, which partnered well with a heavy strength Boot Camp.

Now the dirt... the gym was, as I explained before, 'a work in progress'. The people are amazing... Paul was our instructor and it just happen that John was beside me in class, great. The camp is inside within the 'gym' and I felt very exposed. The average gym-goer could stand and watch us work, which, as a newbie, was intimidating. All the equipment is provided (which I like) and the guidance is very hands on. Carrie was less about posture and more about sweat, where as John is more about posture, I like the guidance to know I am getting the most out of my work out and not straining anything (that shouldn't be strained).

Then we worked... no warm up, no laps, no jumping jacks just straight into the weights. Now that I know the format I will come early and hop on the treadmill for a quick run before camp. We did work with the ball and a step, weights and each other. It felt competitive but motivating. I wanted to keep up with everyone else, which proved to be a challenge... I was the only fattie in the camp... everyone one else was tight and toned (and struggle just as much as me... go me!).

I didn't leave breathless and covered in sweat, but I left satisfied. I will go back but more because I paid for it and less because I enjoyed it.

I am hoping Wednesday's camp is a bit more exciting.

I have spinning today... so we'll see how that goes with my tired legs.

I think my routine works now... I have cardio here, at my gym (at work), I have arms/strength in boot camp and I have abs and back with personal training... if this doesn't work to kick start my weight loss I don't know what will.

Wish me continued luck!

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