Monday, December 16, 2013


Oh goodness... I thought I was right around the size (if not better) then back in 2011 when I started my original journey, but wow. 

Shows the muscle I've lost and far I've gained.


Pregnancy added 65lbs to my frame 

Postpartum I dropped 40lbs (including a 9lbs baby and stuff). I've fluctuated for the last 4 months... It's time to sort it out.

Pounds to lose: 30
Chest: 43inches (previously 39.5) 
*exclusively breast feeding
Waist: 43inches (previously 36)
Hip: 47inches (previously 41)

I have work to do... I  know things are different, I'm nursing and my body is storing fat to feed Thomas... I have to be mindful of my calories to make sure he is getting his nutitents.

Wish my luck!

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