Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And now… 3 minutes a day to sculpted arms!

Remember I said ‘Every Fad’, I buy into EVERY. SINGLE. FAD… unless it costs me money. Although come to think of it, the only thing I have bought is the 90-day challenge and that helped me lose 30+ pounds. So, maybe I should be a little more critical, but a little less cheap.

Anywho… this week’s fad is 3 minute workouts.

I am not expected to drop dozens of pounds or inches with this, but if I can maintain the arms I have with 3 minutes a day, I’m in.

Oddly enough this was tough. Granted I hate Push-ups and it’s only been one day, but I got a little sweaty. #win

It’s HIIT so you aren’t ‘slow and steady’ing this… you’re going as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

I am sure I will tire of this in 24hours, but that’s today. It might work.


PS. Follow this link to the actual article which says you should do three consecutive sets… so it’s 9 minutes. I’m still only doing 3.

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