Friday, August 22, 2014

Not Fitness related AT ALL.

The conversation highway. Is ANYONE familiar with this?

I think I might have developed this concept while inebriated. And then I am disappointed in myself that i haven't shared it with the world until now. I mean I have studied this phenomenon for years.

The conversation highway exists in every room; except maybe when you're alone, unless of course you're talking to yourself, then it is more of a roundabout than a highway. ANYWAYS, don't get sidetracked Melanie, Fuck.

Let's do this with pictures.

This represents a typical conversation with 4 contributors.... subject: a, b, c & d. Everyone is engaging in conversation, everyone is being patient with no interrupting. The sound easily hits all the off ramps, everyone catches every word, but how often to conversations divide...?

See... now a & b are carrying on, while c & d have exclusive rights... in this situation the off ramps are closed, possibly due to constructions BUT...

What happens when a talks to b and b talks to c, which makes c talk to a and NO traffic makes it to d OR worse... 

Some words take the off ramp to c, but not all of them, road blocks cause b to detour.  What if these were words... 

How do you know if all your words are taking the right ramps? How can you be sure? And when it's friends... who cares, but what happens in a client meeting when a straight my, pairs with a rouge eat to a guy named Richard, Dick for short? 

And the CEO hears Eat my Dick??? That's why you ALWAYS need to signal, wait your turn and watch the signs.

Conversation highways... be careful. 


Ps. The model can be altered to accommodate more off ramps, depending on the crowd, but it will always be better to speak directly a to b.

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