Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The plan.

I have thought about a dozen different 'plans'. Most involved strict diets, calorie restrictions and intense workouts. And most won't work. I can't live a life of restrictions. I hate being told what to do...even if I am doing the telling. I have to figure out a way to make healthier choices that I am going to stick too. They have to be simple (at first) and fun (or delicious).

So. I am doing the simple greem smoothie Challenge in January and luckily for me Richard is going to be doing it with me.

What it consists of is signing up at simplegreensmoothies.com.

They really take care of the rest. The challenge starts on the first. At the beginning of every week you recieve your recipes and shopping list. Then you blend your way to health. The challenge is to consume a green smoothie everyday for 30 days. Easy, right? Yes. That is the point.

A green smoothie contains most of your daily veggies. It's usually Kale or Spinach based and its full of vitamins. Most of the time it is even delicious. This is something I could follow for 12 months. And the fact that my hubby (and son by default) are doing it too is a bonus. We still have to be careful with what we consume the rest of the day, but its setting us up for success.

And Kale has one heck of an effect on your colon. Whewf.

Part two of the plan. Wheat. It's gone. Not gluten, because that is intense and expensive. Just wheat... that will make a huge different for me as well as to my caloric intake on a daily basis.

I thought about doing a full detox (no sugar, wheat, dairy, caffefine, alcohol or fun) but that is too much for me... cooking multiple meals and sadly I know I wouldn't follow through. I think knowing that about myself is good. At least I am not setting myself up for failure.

Part Three is the gym. I miss the gym. I love the gym. And with my extra hours in the morning I am going to go to the gym (as long as I can afford it with the new gig). Nothing written in stone, but a minimum of 3 days a week at the gym, crossing my fingers for Goodlife, which is the most expenisve, but the best. They have amazing classes and I have already checked the schedule... they have amazing 6am classes, which would be perfect!

So that is the 3 part plan... hopefully that helps me slim down and feel better, because I would love to lose weight, but I would be happier to just feel better every morning.

Oh and Part 4... no scale. I become way too obsessed and it can't be about the number. It has to be based on how I feel.


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