Friday, March 18, 2011

Where have I been?

I know I have pondered that thought before and it appears I have made a break for the hills and given up blogging completely. Which isn't true... I still blog on the wedding blog, but not everyday and not nearly as much as I would like. Certain people have discussed their distaste of blogging details, I am working on that issue, but until then I am back to the 'fitness' blog, which moving forward is going to be a 'health' blog as I feel like I have succeed in the fitness area of my life. No, I can't run a marathon, but I do go to the gym 5 days a week. I do participate in excerise classes as well as private training. I have the hang of it.

Moving forward I need to focus on my overall health. What sparked this new found excitment?

I went to a Naturopathic Doctor.

I had played with the idea for several years, but never found the time or the money to follow through.

I woke up in 20-11 still upset with my physique and still wondering what is really wrong with my body.

Why did I wait till March? I had to. She is that in demand that I couldn't get an earlier appointment.

I went into the appointment a skeptic. I had watched friends go through this. I had heard the 'diet' plan and I wasn't completely convinced she could help me, beyond the basics of suggesting more veggies and less junk. That I could figure out without paying the sitting fee.

I also decided to do this, because as my wedding grows closer so does my need to be a mother. I want babies and I want lots of them. I am hoping by starting now I will be able to get my body into peak shape before we try to conceive.

Fast-forward through the details, but after a 75-minute appointment I was sold on the alternative medicine. I gave them my credit card and said sign me up!

I sat with the doctor (who was fantastic, but won't be named) and told her my complete history, not just what brought me here, but all the stuff that lead me to being in this shape. We talked about medical history, drugs, relationships, work and family. She took lots of notes and asked a lot of interesting questions. Things that didn't appear to be related, but further along in the conversation made complete and total sense.

She did a small examine to determine my height, weight, resting heart rate and blood sugars. She also examined my tongue which that alone was amazing. While looks at my tongue she asked about ailments I hadn't thought to discuss. She knew all about it through my tongue.

So... what's the verdict? I can't go deep into the doctor speak, but my basic problem is my thyroid, again. It appears the glueten in my diet is blocking the receptors in my brain from commuting to my thyroid.

This is disrupting the functions of most of my organs. She went on to explain that my liver and kidneys are over worked and can't maintain all natural functions including fat burning. (I am paraphrasing and by no means a doctor, but this is what I understand.) She said it is common for a person with thyroid issues to have a glueten intolerance which wreaks havoc on their bodies, because it is in EVERYTHING... at least everything good.

She then went on to ask about my cravings. She knew I craved sweets and not just by looking in my mouth and seeing all my fillings, but by the shape and colour of my tongue. She went on to explain I have a high yeast count. This would explain my history with unexplained yeast infections and sugar cravings. She went on to explain yeast has a mind of its own and will dictate cravings and body function above any other organism.

She said once we regulate my glueten it will get the yeast under control and in turn silence my cravings, making it easier to stick to the low-cal diet.

She went on to tell me about my first step to better health. It all starts with a three day detox. She wants to clear out my system to get a better view of what's really going on. I agree my arteries are clogged with crap. I don't know what it means to eat well. I just don't have the knowledge and coming from an obese family I had no one to teach me.

So starting Sunday (March 20th) I am on a VERY strict detox program. I am not allowed any wheat, sugar, diary or red meat. I have limited fruits and nuts I am allowed. It is going to be tough, but non one said the road to good health was going to be easy. I have spent 28 years shoving chemicals and preservatives into my body. Only a naive person would believe it would be easy to reverse.

This blog has taken on a life of its own... I think that is enough info to get you started. I will be blogging throughout. I expect some bitchy days and apparently some gassy days, but the overall results will not only being a beautiful bride, stunning mother, but an over all health adult excited to age gracefully.

Wish my luck... I know I will need it.


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