Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am in a good mood today. I don't always know what that means, but honestly I feel good about life. I have had my ups and downs, stresses and disappointments. I think that's the reason I don't write. I try to keep this blog, light and fun with a dash of reality, but lately I just feel as if everything has been moving in fast forward and I am struggling to keep up.

Today, however, I feel good. I am back on track with my fitness and weight loss, my bridal party sorted itself out and I am happy to say I have a made of honor (Thank you Cheryl). Richard is back to work and I am finally starting to enjoy owning a house (all the bills are paid ;).

I am successfully on day 4 of my RE-TOX (that's redoing, the detox). Its not as hard as last time, although I am hungry most of the time and I did have a peanut M&M yesterday. I am down 6 pounds. I know it might be water, but my intake hasn't changed. I think it is honestly the sugar and wheat (I was never big on dairy).

So I have 17days left and I can't wait to see where this leaves me.

And I am going dress shopping on Saturday so let's hope the sample sizes fit on this less than perfect body.


PS - I am no longer obese either... crazy, right?! I never thought I was until I looked at my BMI on the doctors chart, but as of last night I left the Obese range and proudly walked into the Overweight range. I never thought I would celebrate being overweight... ha!

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