Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is my month of WILL POWER!

I have decided to use the shortest month of the year to give up a few things that have TOO much control over my being.

On my list is things to give up...


There is no connection, don't search for one.


I have heard (rumored and otherwise) that our bodies are not designed to digest dairy. As a child we gain nutrients from our mothers milk, but into adult life dairy has a nasty effect on our systems. Yes, we're told we NEED dairy, but coming from the advertising world... we believe that because the milk producers of the world are good advertisers - nothing more.

I have also heard from various friends that they have intolerance's to milk and have felt better since going off dairy. This is a personal choice for me... AND it's only a month, a very short 28 day month.

I am not a big consumer of milk alone, but I do LOVE cheese, finding unique ways to include it in EVERY meal, snack and desire. I eat yogurt, but barely and I crave ice cream, but am willing to give it up for fruit smoothie (I love booster juice) with no yogurt.

The BIG one that I realized only hours before the deprivation began was chocolate. How could I turn my back on Chocolate???? The way it melts in your mouth and makes you forget all your troubles. The way it cascades over every taste bud easing any stress, but alas my stubborn mind was made up and chocolate was also cut from my diet.

Some interesting MILK info... http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2241955/why_you_should_give_up_milk_dairy_now.html

Let's give it a moment of silence.


Moving on...


I don't know how realistic this is... the only thing I love more than chocolate is WINE! Mmmm... yummy Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Chardonnay, but alas it is another bad habit that is pointless and detrimental to my over all health.

I don't need to drink to be happy or to be the life of the party... so off it goes.

Although we are house sitting this month... 2 weeks. We always have a house party!! I will now be the sober one worrying a little too much about the drunk people.

Besides... think of the money I will save :)


I have become obsessed. I wake up and check facebook, before I go to sleep I check facebook. I update my status for every moment of the day and basis my self worth on who comments on my page. Its sad and pathetic.

I need to give it up, go back to phone calls and face to face. If I don't see or hear from you in February... it makes writing my wedding guest list a WHOLE lot easier!

It was just time to prove to myself... I don't need Facebook.


Hopefully these changes lower my weight and increase my wallet.

I will keep you posted!

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