Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where AM I???

Spinning: 45minutes
Sit-ups: 10minutes
Calories: 839

Pounds to Lose: 15

For your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday (SNOW DAY)
Tobogganing: 25minutes (it was COLD)
Calories: 153

Pounds to Lose: 14

Step it Up!: 45minutes
Calories: 688

All this house non-sense and snow business is clearly taking away from my blogging.

I am still making it to the gym... or to the bunny hills, which by the way TOBOGGANING is NOT what it used to be and Crazy carpets have gone downhill... literally ;)

I stayed home yesterday and worked from my warm, comfy bed. I love snow days. I also managed to lunch break on the snow hill, meet my girlfriends for lunch and go to the doctor (for a surprise pap, thanks).

We also have been battle with banking and borrowers about this mortgage business and its not pretty. Frankly I am exhausted, but I wouldn't dare miss Angela's step class... so, today I stopped the overflow of paper in my inbox and headed to the gym.

I am happy to say I kept up for the entire CLASS! Woo!

I am still successfully not consuming dairy. Actually I have never felt better... and already dropped weight. I am not sure if they're related, but it has definitely curbed my snacking... I am a sucker for crackers and cheese!

Hope this rambling mess all makes sense. I have to jet!

Wish me luck on the scales tomorrow.

As for January... I lost 4 pounds. I am happy with it, but wanted more... hopefully February and no dairy works out for me :)

All my love!

Wish me luck with the house, too! I need it.


Pounds to Lose: 14

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