Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am feeling guilt like you wouldn't believe... oh my precious blog. The one that started it all... how can I neglect you so!

Especially when I have SO much to tell you.

First... I tried a new class, Cardio Strength with Angela. WOAH! It's Wednesday 2 days later and I am in pain... my muscles are SO sore. It feels good. Feels like I am getting somewhere.

Second... I did spin even with my VERY sore muscles.

Third... I had a Reiki appointment yesterday. How did that go you ask... Let me explain Reiki first. It's a no touch treatment that involves moving your energy around and finding balance. I don't know if I believe it, but I did feel something. You feel tingly and warm. She later explained I hold tension in my shoulders and forearms... She did her best in the time she had to MOVE it around and make me feel balanced. It did help my upset tummy and I did feel better afterwards, but I am, and always will be, a skeptic.

Fourth... I found a cupcake haven in my very own town! Last night I met with my favorite people to explore the new flavors. We had... Banana with Caramel, Devils Food Cake, Vanilla Sprinkle, Lemon dream, Red Velvet and Cookie's and cream. I did NOT eat 6 cupcakes... I ate a third of 6 cupcakes and every bite was better than the last... Mmm.... best dinner ever.

In case you're curious...
I don't feel guilt. I have been having a terrible week of stress and frustration. I felt I earned a night with the girls to drink wine, eat cupcakes and bitch. It's a cleanse for the soul.

Everything is back in perspective today. I feel good... I also haven't begun to tackle the massive pile of papers on my desk, but I am enjoying my oatmeal and catching my breath.

I am still off of facebook, but I miss it. I am still non-dairy and I don't miss it. Hmm...

We're no closer to buying a house BUT we have a new realtor and a few places to see this weekend.

Wish me luck!


Pounds to Lose: 15 (but I am willing to bet 1 pound of that is undigested cupcake ;)

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