Monday, April 20, 2015

Slept in... But walked.

Ok. Fridays are not my favorite day for fitness. This girl loves to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast with my boys.

I am working towards a weight loss goal and thought the more I exercise I cram in the better. So on Friday I joined Jim on his afternoon walk. 


He's walks faster than I run. We walked 5k in 40minutes. I run 5k in 36minutes. I worked up a sweat and fell behind a few times.

What I found interesting, aside from the office gossip, the muscles I was using. I can keep up in a 60-minute step class. I can run alongside Vanessa, but waking. Gah. It's tough.

It was all shin work. 

My shins screamed, I even broke into a run a few times just to give my shin muscles a break.

Now I know I need to bring a change of clothes on 'walk' days.


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