Monday, December 6, 2010

Did I ever...

....Fall off the wagon this weekend! Damn Christmas and it's temptations. I went to a buffet to celebrate with family. I was good... then we went back to Aunt Phyl's place for 'snacks and yaks' that's where I crumbled. These Peanut Butter Marshmallow squares can't be stopped... I had to have them. Its only once a year and I need to power through the goodness!

Damn the goodness!

I did run today... for 40minutes. Woo! It wasn't enough and I didn't have the time, but my poor little over loaded, sugar filled brain was likely to explode if I didn't go for a run. Did I mention I hate Christmas?

Oh well... another day and I am BACK ON TRACK. 1200 calories today... and a run. I should see a good number on the scale in the morning.

I hope so.

Shortbread baking commenced last night and... it's not good and by NOT GOOD I mean VERY VERY VERY delicious.

Pounds to loose: 17(-3) - Body Fat: -.5% - Inches Lost: -3.5 - Push Ups: 0

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