Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Morning...

What you don't know (because this is my first holiday with the blog, not because of your lack of intelligence... in fact, I think you are the smartest of the bunch... you do, after all read my blog. That's a wise decision. Anyways... ) is I am a scrooge. Yes... sadly I despise the holidays.

I don't like the forced socialization, the expectation of cheeriness and the wasted money on things I don't need... or YOU don't need. I think its all a scam. It not only empties my bank account, because I can't possibly be consider cheap and I hate getting presents when I have nothing to give, but it expands my waste line. There is SO much temptation and extra eating over the holidays. I know, where's my will power???

I just saw a great article and actually found it VERY helpful. Not one of those... 'just don't do it' suggestions.

I have step class today... I am going to try and tough it out for the entire class, but I have my doubts. I have a wicked headache and honestly i am just NOT in the mood.

Christmas (or holiday) season puts me in such a MOOD! And before you right me off as a spoiled brat. I have my reasons for hating it.

When I was a kid... my parents did Christmas HUGE! We didn't get presents any other time of the year so our Christmas was over the top. My family would spend the entire day opening presents and building things. Mum and Nana would be in the kitchen and the house was full of love. We would spend most of December decorating and shopping. Christmas Eve we would go to my Aunt's house and have a BIG dinner and celebrate into the night. We would get new PJs and go home to bed after leaving cookies for Santa. It was magical and exciting.

Then my parents divorced.

Suddenly Christmas was a BIG hectic event to plan and schedule. We were carted ALL over the place and dragged out of events to accommodate another parents request. My Dad's family didn't support the divorce and we weren't invited to Christmas Eve at their house anymore. My Dad barely made time for us and Mum was working so much to simply keep a roof over our heads, but she still wanted the magic of Christmas and went into debt EVERY year to buy stuff we didn't need, but to try and make so we didn't lose anything. Then January was spent picking up the pieces. The holidays stopped being fun, magical and relaxing and suddenly it all wasn't worth it.

My Nana passed away and Christmas died. That was it... nothing to look forward to. No big dinner or celebrations. We were into our teens by then and it went unnoticed. At 15 I asked my Mum to stop the charade of Christmas. I asked her to stop buying presents and just enjoy the time with us, but even that was hectic, because of her work schedule and my Dad's demands.

Things fell apart and now at 27 I feel the same way... I spend most of the holidays driving. I have to go to my Mums and my Brothers, My Dads and his family. We have to schedule Richards massive family and try to have time for our friends.

So you see I am not a terrible person, but a person too busy and broke to enjoy.

And I just found out all the computers just crashed at work... so, I have to go clean up that mess.


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