Monday, February 2, 2015

Breaking them in

I missed this morning... If you're in the GTA you know why. If not, we got 2ish feet of snow over night. 

I woke up, saw that and thought 'not worth it'. Which is a relief considering I spent the first 55minutes of my day in a snowbank, before calling it quits, walking away and going to back to bed. Luckily Richard was stuck too, which meant Thomas had the day off with me. That kids' a good time!! 

We played all day, which is the best exercise that isn't. And most of the reason I hit 10,000 steps before 3pm.

We tackled the 4 foot snowbanks, I even lost Thomas once, when he dove right in.

He would have spent all day in the snow, but his little cheeks wouldn't have it.

I could have slacked off today, but after I put Thomas down for bed, I headed to Goodlife to break in my new sneaks.

Under Armor is such a different ride, they are confining and sturdy; not what I am used to from my Nikes. Honestly they're adorable, but my wide feet ache right now.

Why? I just ran on the elliptical for 65minutes. I didn't go in with a plan, but thought I would stop when I was done. I hit 'play' and took off. It felt great. I love the freedom of no where to be, no schedule... Something this Mama hasn't felt in a LONG time.

I tried using my fitbit to track my exercise, but it failed *sad tuba* it only allowed me to track running or waking, it froze half way through and stopped tracking. It said i burned only 18 calories during the 35 minutes it did track and I only got 11 active minutes. Hmpf! 

I did hit 15,000 steps, my biggest day so far! Woot!

Now I'm off to bed. Another big day with Thomas tomorrow.


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