Thursday, February 26, 2015

Helllloooo Walter!

Walter is back.

Which is fitting based on my new love of Breaking Bad.

But my Walter is less welcome (but just as disruptive). I have a swollen thyroid again. A goiter. My body functions have slowed to a crawl. I am gaining weight for no reason, I am constantly exhausted and cold. My mood swings are… well, let’s just say I thought for sure I was prego (I am NOT). I can feel Walter pressing on my throat when I swallow, when I breath… he feels like a glob of something blocking my throat. I thought it was a lingering chest cold, but its not. It’s Walter.

What did I do to piss him off?? I have no idea this round… I started drinking a lot of Green Tea, for the health benefits (and delicious taste), but stopped when I read (and remembered) the affects it has on the thyroid. I started drinking a replacement shake for breakfast and lunch to help with my calorie intake and increase the vitamins/nutrients going in to my system, which made me feel like a super hero for a few days, but may be the culprit. So I gave that up too…

Now Walter is big enough to stretch the neck of my t-shirt.

I called the doctor to get a requisition to have my thyroid checked, but I have to wait for that in the mail (if they agree to send it). Now I know, I should GO to the doctor, but he is an hour away and I don’t have any time-off in the new position, not until July. I can’t go to a walk-in for this, because they’ll just send the referral to my doctor.

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