Thursday, February 5, 2015


This post is about Michelle. My amazing friend who has been on my workout train for as long as I can remember. Today, Michelle married her best friend. She is a beautiful soul and I wish her a beautiful life. They loaded up all the friends and family they could cram on to an airplane and headed for Mexico. Under the beautiful topical sun with waves crashing in the background they said their I do’s. Squeeee! I love weddings… I hate that I missed this one, but we did sip champagne last night, in honor of the Rogers and the start of their new life together.

Michelle was the drive behind my love of Hot Yoga. It all started back in Georgetown, before we all escaped. Michelle and I loved our lives, but wanted to work on our bodies, we wanted our curves to match our beautiful attitudes. We wanted to get fit and we were going to do it together. We made a pack, it started with Hot Yoga. We would get our sweat on as often as we could. I remember cramming into the Milton studios for Power Yoga with Dennis (that was NOT his name, but will work, he kind of looked like a Denis). He was a deliciously fit, 30 something guy that liked to touch and we were all OK with it. He would ‘correct our pose’ by running his strong hands across our backs, our re positioning our hips… it meant you wanted to have bad posture, because he would source you out.

We dragged as many friends as we could to that class. Than Dennis bought the place and shut it down. Thanks Dennis. Can I also say that hipster, Yogi Dennis drove a dually?? It was a confusing time.

We didn't attempt another Hot Yoga class because this is when Miss Michelle has the opportunity to move to Calgary. I remember she hummed and ha’d at the chance, it was terrifying to leave everything she’d ever known and we talked about it a lot. Can I say how thrilled I am for that she chose to go? I miss my workout buddy, but look at the life it has brought her… a handsome new husband, an adorable pup, a new home and a handful of new friends. I am so proud of her.

When the wedding planning started we sync’d up our fitness routine again. We created a group on BBM, the fitnessners. We lured Angie in too… these girls wanted to be bikini ready for the wedding! (I did too, but knew I wouldn't be laying on a beach anytime soon). We would converse all week with tips, tricks and struggles. Every Monday we would share our results… Michelle lead the charge with a great loss. This bride was looking fine! The Fitnessners didn't make it all the way to the wedding, BBM crashed (Let go Blackberry, Let go). But Michelle did report in a week before the wedding and she had lost 40lbs! That is amazing!!

I can’t wait to see pictures of my gorgeous friend rocking a wedding dress.

Love you, girl!

Cheers to you, a beautiful girl inside and out!


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